How to identify the right MBA for you?

How to identify the right MBA for you?

Are you planning to apply to business school? One which will meet and even exceed your expectations?And have you ever tried to imagine your life as a student of your dream program?

We know how frustrating it can be to search for answers to all of these questions. Finding the perfect MBA for you can be difficult, especially when having to consider important factors such as program type, tuition fees, location, or curriculum. Business school rankings and prestige are useful metrics, but what if you get admitted and you don’t feel like you belong? Just as with any new job, there are practical matters that determine your initial decision, but it is the cultural fit that actually helps you make the most of the experience. A good cultural fit will keep you happy and motivated in business school too.

The good news is that we might have the answer you are looking for. With the help of a unique new tool called the Cultural Fit Test, Unimy gives you a different, cultural perspective of the MBA—beyond the traditional scope of statistics and numbers.

Simply put, the tool enables you to identify the Top 3 schools where you are most likely to fit in. It takes into account your cultural expectations and compares them to the cultural practices typical for globally accredited and top-ranked business schools. To get your top 3, you need to complete the Cultural Fit Test which consists of 20 closed-ended questions asking you to reflect on your dream business school and MBA program. Answering them takes only a few minutes and there are no right or wrong answers. All that matters is your own opinion about communication between students and faculty, individual and group achievements, dress code and behavior, etc.
The test measures twelve cultural dimensions:

  • Structured vs. Flexible Organization 
  • Explicit vs. Intuitive Communication
  • Individual vs. Team Spirit
  • Long Term vs. Ad Hoc Orientation
  • Formal vs. Friendly Relationship
  • Liberal vs. Classical Style

Cultural Fit


After completing the test, you can also learn what each of the six dimensions means and measures. But let’s get back to your cultural fit. The answers from the test are compiled into a personal profile which is immediately compared to the profiles of hundreds of top-ranked international business schools. As a result, you get your personalized list of top 3 schools. And, thanks to the values visualized on the map, both for you and for your top schools, you see exactly how you would fit in their educational environment.

Do you already have a particular school in mind?

You can compare your own cultural profile directly with the profile of your desired school. Does the final result come close to what you expected?
The Cultural Fit Test lets you take advantage of a personalized, tailor-made alternative to business school rankings. Our tool won’t tell you whether your personal preferences, experience, and resources are suitable for your chosen school. Instead, it will give you a new perspective on the process of choosing an MBA program, one which no other platform can offer you. A cultural perspective is often underestimated, but is no less significant.

Are you curious to see where you would fit best? Start here.


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