What Is Studying for an MBA at Bentley Really Like?

What Is Studying for an MBA at Bentley Really Like?

Jeena Dansingani chose the Bentley MBA because she was attracted by the small classroom size and the program’s focus on technology. She wanted a program at the intersection of IT and business where she would be known by her name and not by her student ID number.

Aspiring business leaders looking for the right MBA are typically interested in both the curriculum and the culture of the business school. The latter, however, is notoriously hard to assess. Campus environment can make or break your MBA experience, yet until recently, prospective students had to rely on limited and non-objective information. Unimy’s MBA Cultural Fit changed all that, offering applicants a scientific way to peek into life inside a school’s community in terms of its beliefs and behaviors.

Here’s what we found out about the cultural dynamics within the Bentley MBA…

Are you someone who...

  • Values small classes and personal access to the professors?
  • Believes that balancing your schedule is key but is also no stranger to spontaneity?
  • Values working with other smart and driven individuals, but ultimately wants to be rewarded for your personal accomplishments?
  • Would prefer a more formal environment in your ideal business school?

If so, the Bentley MBA might be the program for you!

A student’s account of life inside Bentley

We spoke to Jeena, who was born and raised in Jamaica. What was her journey into and through business school? And does it reflect our findings about the organizational culture of Bentley? Let’s dig deeper.

Unimy: Hi Jeena! We wanted to find out more about your cultural journey before and into an MBA. Can you tell us a bit about your background and how that has shaped you; also what were you looking to find in a business school community?

Jeena: I am a south Asian female that was born and raised in Jamaica. Growing up in Jamaica, I was exposed to a melting pot of diverse people and cultures that was different from my own family’s Indian background. Consequently, I have always been curious about learning about people and their stories, which I believe has led to the extroverted personality I have today. I believe that every person you encounter is unique and has a story that can broaden your perspective and mindset. 

For me, applying to business school was more than just getting a degree. It was being in a place where I could help develop myself both personally and professionally. I wanted to find a place where I would be known by my name and not by my student ID number. I also wanted to learn more about how to tie IT concepts to business strategies. After doing research, the McCallum School of Business at Bentley University provided not only an IT-infused MBA but they enforced that small classroom size so that you would gain personal access to the professors. 

Unimy: So, according to our results, Bentley values a flexible approach to time management compared to other schools globally. This finding is typical of US schools when compared to European schools, the latter of which value a more structured approach towards time management. What’s your approach to managing your time at Bentley?

Jeena: Balancing your schedule is key to being successful in all aspects of your life. It is understanding and knowing when and what to prioritize in order to determine a plan of action. For me, I rely heavily on calendars and to-do lists. This helps me keep track of all the deliverables, tasks, and efforts I am working on as well as all the events and organizations I am involved with. I not only do this for school but also in my personal life. Visually seeing what I must do also helps me understand when I have to spend more time in the books versus when I can have an afternoon free to explore a new coffee shop!

Unimy: We also found that Bentley rewards individual work over group work more so than most other US schools. What do you think about this and do you like working in a team or more independently?

Jeena: My motto from day one has been teamwork makes the dream work! I enjoy working in a group when I am surrounded by other driven and eager students or individuals. However, I believe that Bentley provides a balance in creating opportunities for you to do both - work independently and in a group setting. This helps you better your ability to work with people and understand different perspectives.

As I enjoy talking to other people, I haven’t had issues with working in a group as I believe all the students attending Bentley are there for the same reason I am; building themselves for a better future so their mindsets are already programmed to add value.

Unimy: Another of our findings concerns whether a school prefers a more liberal or more classical style. Bentley sticks to established etiquette, indicating, for example, that professors are unlikely to come to class dressed in a T-shirt. So, Jeena, have you seen a professor in a t-shirt?!

Jeena: I have not attended a class at Bentley where I have seen a professor dressed in a t-shirt. Professors are dressed professionally and though classes can be casual, a professional setting is created. With that, your findings are accurate: Bentley sticks to an established etiquette.

Unimy: Finally, how would you summarize your experience at Bentley in one sentence?

Jeena: My experience at Bentley has been empowering. It has reminded me that I am in charge of the future I build for myself.


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