5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Need an MBA

5 Reasons Entrepreneurs Need an MBA

According to Ted Zoller, director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies (CES) at UNC Kenan-Flagler, and Kris Hergert, CES associate director, business school is a great and an important investment. They even list 5 reasons why.

1.       Find mentors

A priceless asset that you will find at business schools, which have strong engagements with entrepreneurs, is the chance to find mentors. They will share their success and failures and be a gool help in evaluating your own capabilities.

2.       Learn what you do not know

In order to have a better chance of being a successful entrepreneur, one needs to learn the business fundamentals that an MBA program offers- accounting, finance, marketing and operations.

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3.       Practice and refine your game with real-world experience

Being an entrepreneur is like being an athlete- a good amount of practice is required.

 “Most of us are not a natural Michael Jordan in the world of entrepreneurship,” Hergert said. “Entrepreneurs have to practice and hone their skills .”

4.       Use the MBA program as a catalyst for innovation

An MBA program offers a competitive and quite dynamic atmosphere, which is favorable for launching a new idea.

5.       Join a global entrepreneurial network

Business schools usually provide with an opportunity to connect with talented and like-minded individuals, like your classmates, who will eventually become your colleagues, coworkers and connections.

“Being surrounded by smart people is important for business growth. You need the power of an experienced network,” said Hergert.



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