Why Should I Get an MBA (Video)

Why Should I Get an MBA (Video)


When Stacy Blackman, an admissions’ consultant, encounters people who are stalling in their MBA admissions’ process, she often asks them why they are applying to business school. She reveals that a significant number of people get flustered and look at her blankly. They say something like “I’m applying to business school to get into business school.” Then when she asks why they want to get into business school, they are simply unable to answer. These people have invested a lot of time and money in GMAT preparation. They have spent all of their free time putting together their essays, attending info sessions and filling out data forms. And yet, other than getting in, they can’t really explain their motivation.


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Getting into business school is merely a stepping stone, not an end goal! Wanting to achieve that stepping stone is only going to satisfy you for so long. This doesn't mean you need to be complete in your long-term or short-term goals. In fact, most people who are applying to business school aren't fully clear on these goals. But it doesn't mean that you shouldn't develop some clarity around your life goals and your reasons for pursuing an MBA programme. For instance, an answer to the question "Why do you want to attend business school?" could be because you want to wake up every morning feeling more empowered at work. You should really ask yourself this question at the very beginning of the process. You need to know why you want to do this. Having the answer will help you to develop really great content for your essays and project more enthusiasm at interviews. It's also going to drive you through this really challenging process.

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