GMAT Prep with an Olympic Gold Medallist (Video)

GMAT Prep with an Olympic Gold Medallist (Video)


Many postgraduate applicants are confident about their achievements and work experience. However, when it comes to test-taking they clam up and feel anxious about performing well and achieving the score needed for admission to their dream school.


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In this video, Chandra explains that she constantly puts her whole heart into preparing for a skiing race, and she approached preparing for the GMAT in the same way. The strategy which helped her succeed is a concept from performance sports psychology. She explains:

The key is visualisation. If you think about it, some people have the knowledge – they know the answers, but on test day they really struggle. It’s similar in sports; some people are superstars at training and struggle on race day. Visualisation is a great way to tackle that.

Here are three ways to initiate this trick:

  1. Your mind cannot tell the difference between reality and the vividly imagined – use that to your advantage!
  2. The best time to visualise is in the early morning so your brain is set for the day ahead.
  3. Multiply any obstacle by 10. Chandra shares her experience:

    For example, in a skiing race I was really worried on my race day that 10 centimetres of snow would fall, so I vividly imagined myself racing on Olympic day, racing with hundreds of centimetres of snow and overcoming that obstacle. On my GMAT test, there was a chance I would get really bogged down on the math section, and none of my calculations would match the five possibilities. I saw myself overcoming this obstacle, refocusing, moving on to the next question and staying positive.

Watch the video and good luck with your GMAT preparation!


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