The George Washington University: School of Business ×

Accreditation: AACSB

Location: Washington, United States of America

Current program rank (FT) 68

Tuition fees $ 110,263 (€ 91,334)

Length (months) 21

Program type Global MBA

Cultural fit profile

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Program description:

Global MBA students at the GW School of Business are challenged to view things from a wider perspective — and to make decisions that strive for profit as well as positive impact. The full-time, two-year Global MBA program provides rigorous training in traditional business skills. Our revised curriculum gives Global MBA students the freedom to tailor their studies to their professional interests and goals. The Global MBA program is 55.5 credit hours long. Three-credit courses are a full semester long (14 weeks). Students spend the first year taking required core courses in groups of 40-45 classmates, attending lectures, working on case studies and team projects, and participating in experiential learning opportunities. The second year of the Global MBA program is all about preparing for professional life after graduation. After spending the summer at an internship or studying abroad, students take elective courses focused on their areas of interest.

  • Size of the class: 97
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Admission requirements:

  • GMAT
  • Language Test: TOEFL 100 (minimum), IELTS 7 (minimum)
  • Age
  • Experience
  • Other: * GW does not have a minimum work experience requirement for admission. * Bachelors degree; * 2 references; * 2 essays: * Interview (sometimes required); * GMAT or GRE; * Transcripts; * Current resume;

Cost of study and scholarships:

  • Accomodation costs off campus, per year: $ 24,000


  • Current rank: 68 (Financial Times), 45 (The Economist)
  • 3 year average rank: 76 (Financial Times)


  • Male/Female students: 43% / 57%
  • International students: 40%
  • Female faculty: 30%
  • International faculty: 31%
  • Women on board: 29%
  • International board: 10%
  • Financial Times: International mobility rank: 50
  • Financial Times: International course experience rank: 61

Alumni today:
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  • Alumni salary today: $ 122,991
  • Salary increase: 111%
  • Post-MBA salary: $ 104,341
  • Value for money rank: 88
  • Alumni recommend rank: 70
  • Career progress rank: 70
  • Career service rank: 86
  • Alumni aims achieved: 88%
  • Employed at three months: 87%

Career progress:

  • Regional rank: 28
  • Open new career opportunities: 62
  • Diversity of recruiters: 24
  • Faculty quality: 21.00
  • Student quality: 77.00
  • Development experience: 56.00
  • Education experience: 55.00
  • Student rating of faculty: 4.27
  • Student rating of alumni effectiveness: 3.61
  • Student rating of culture and classmates: 4.18
  • Accommodation costs (off campus, per year): $ 24,000
  • Type of aid available: 0
  • Criteria on which aid is granted: 0


  • Student assessment of career service: 3.24
  • Potential to network: 43
  • Ratio of faculty to students: 3.30
  • Full-time faculty with PhD: 100%
  • Annual intake: 48
  • Number of applicants per full-time place: 7
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