Advent Group connects aspiring managers and executives to the leading business schools that are in the best position to help them grow professionally and personally. Founded in Paris, Advent pioneered the One-to-One business education event format in 2004. Today, with global operations and offices in Europe, North America and Asia, the company is a global leader in personalized physical and online education events.

We match and connect prospective MBA, Executive MBA (EMBA) and master’s degree applicants to local and global schools in business-style meeting formats on five continents. Our event portfolio also includes corporate learning and people development events.

Advent Group embraced the digital transformation long before it became a buzzword. The company launched a digital advertising agency in 2018 and has been conducting online interactive one-to-one events since 2016.

Led by our desire to help future business leaders find the best MBA program for them with the help of technology, we created Unimy in 2019, integrating human-to-human experiences with AI and data-powered solutions.