Who is Advent group

Advent Group is an independent media group established in 2004 and specialised in the field of higher education. The company is comprised of 150 multilingual individuals that provide personalised services for international business schools and prospective students. With two offices in Europe and one in North America, the company has a truly global approach.

Advent group event brands connect yearly 70,000 qualified candidates with over 300 top business schools through the organization of 180 international one-to-one events in 65 countries: Access MBA, Access Masters, Premier EMBA. In addition, online events, video conferences, webinars, chats are connecting a global audience of students with graduate education professionals. Our group is also very active in the corporate world with 25 international events focusing in leadership and executive education: Merit.

Advent’s quest to innovate is integral to our activity, being the pioneer in the “One-to-One” event format in education. We are also the first to create the online video 121 meetings around the world with Access Online. But our group has first and foremost a passion for business intelligence, the will to profile, to guide and match individually hundreds of candidates with a unique and dedicated team of 25 education experts.

Since 2004, the steady company’s growth has led Access Brands to the number 1 rank of global event organisation in the higher education sector. But we could not achieve our mission fully without the launching of the Unimy platform, that will guide and match for free millions of candidates with 3000 MBA programmes, and tomorrow with Masters and Bachelors degrees.