Washington University in St. Louis: Olin Business School ×

Accreditation: AACSB

Location: St. Louis, United States of America

Current program rank (FT) 25

Tuition fees $ 132,355 (€ 111,929)

Length (months) 24

Program type Full-time MBA

Cultural fit profile

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Program description:

At WashU Olin Business School, the world is your classroom—literally. With our around-the-world curriculum, we equip next-generation leaders to identify the most pressing problems and propose solutions that will do the most good—for consumers, shareholders, clients, partners, employees, and communities both local and global. Olin students are prepared to pioneer change. You will learn to make decisions that fuse evidence-based insights and deeply held principles. You will apply entrepreneurial solutions to business problems—whether in a startup, a Fortune 500 firm, or a not-for-profit. Before you dive into the MBA core curriculum, you’ll be “on the road,” gaining a better understanding of the context in which businesses operate and how businesses adapt to these differences. This immersive experience takes you from the inner halls of the US government in Washington, DC, to Barcelona, Spain, a hub of business, trade, and manufacturing for centuries, to Shanghai, China’s commercial center and home to many of the country’s largest businesses. By the end of this unique summer semester, you will have completed 16 credit hours of the required 67 hours for the MBA—about 40 percent of the required 41.5 core hours. 

  • Size of the class: 98
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Admission requirements:

  • GMAT
  • GPA: 3.47
  • Age
  • Experience
  • Other: * Any degree; * 2 essays; * Interview; * GMAT or GRE (no minimum); * TOEFL or IELTS;


  • Current rank: 25 (Financial Times)
  • 3 year average rank: 41 (Financial Times)


  • Male/Female students: 54% / 46%
  • International students: 38%
  • Female faculty: 26%
  • International faculty: 39%
  • Women on board: 52%
  • International board: 57%
  • Financial Times: International mobility rank: 55
  • Financial Times: International course experience rank: 66

Alumni today:
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  • Alumni salary today: $ 142,340
  • Salary increase: 117%
  • Value for money rank: 71
  • Alumni recommend rank: 77
  • Career progress rank: 85
  • Career service rank: 72
  • Alumni aims achieved: 88%
  • Employed at three months: 73%

Educational background:

  • Educational background/ Undergraduate majors:
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