5 Productivity Hacks (Video)

5 Productivity Hacks (Video)

This rule suggests that if you have tasks that take less than 2 minutes to complete, you should do them right away, without writing them down on your ‘to do list’ or postponing them. It may sound like there aren’t many tasks falling into this category, but you’ll be surprised by just how many tasks you write down on your list that actually don’t need to be there. You can complete them right away and continue with the more important and time consuming ones.

Jam to classical

Listen to classical music, or piano or jazz, or something that can help you focus. You might want to avoid upbeat music or such with lots of lyrics. This kind of music may distract you and make you think about other stuff, rather than helping you concentrate.

Write your ‘to do list’ at night

Not all people’s brains function best in the morning. That is why, instead of writing your ‘to do list’ in the morning, try doing it at the end of a productive day. At that time, you know exactly what you have done and what else you need to get done. Moreover, some people are just not that concentrated early in the morning as they are at night, so they cannot make the most optimal decisions right after they wake up. Therefore, it really depends on what you prefer and how you choose to do it.

Stop multitasking

You can be much more productive if you focus on a single task at a time, rather than multitasking. If you’re performing several tasks simultaneously, you risk getting stressed and quite confused. Try working on one task only and finish it completely before starting another one. You will realise that things are much more organised if you do it this way.

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Time management matrix

This tool was developed by an author named Stephen Covey and it is basically a tool that helps you visualise the importance and urgency of your tasks. You have 4 squares, in which you can categorise them and focus on the ones more important than others.

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