How to Compare Business Schools

How to Compare Business Schools


In this video, Soojin Kwon, Admissions Director at Ross School of Business, will take you through one way of building a business school comparison spreadsheet to give you an idea of what to look for as you’re evaluating schools.


Start by making the top row a list of the schools you are interested in. In the first column put the qualities you think are important in selecting a business school. You may already have your own personal criteria, but the following three points are quite important ones, so consider putting them in your list as well.

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Access to the careers and companies you are interested in working at is a very important factor. Look into whether these companies recruit at the business schools you are applying for.

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Next, you’d want to look at the experiences these schools will offer you. Most people learn more and pay more attention when they get to do things instead of sit and listen to the professor. Find out if the school will give you the specific experiences you want to have.


Finally, you should look at the school’s culture. If you’re sure to achieve more when surrounded by people who inspire and motivate you, look to see if those kinds of people will be at the schools you’re interested in attending. You can do this by evaluating a few factors. First, check the alumni network. Where are they geographically and industry-wise? Then, chat with current students. Find out if they are passionate about their programmes. That already tells you a lot about the school. Finally, meet with a network of other applicants for these schools.

There are more qualities to consider, but this should help you get started on the deep dive you’re doing in considering your business school options.

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