How to Find a Native Speaker to Practice English

How to Find a Native Speaker to Practice English

Everybody is looking for an easy way to reach out to a native speaker. In truth, if you want to find someone to help, you have to make people interested in you. You also have to provide value - something in return - so people feel an incentive to reach out to you. Always think of how you can help someone, so that he or she feels compelled to give you their time, and thereby help you to practice your English.


Look online

Moreover, there are so many resources online. Just type “find a native speaker to practice English” on Google and you will find many resources. One such that Marina has used, and is designed to connect people based on their common interests, is called Marina also advises you to go to the museum whenever you have the chance to and seek out foreigners who look lost. Approach them and ask whether they need help. By conversing with them you will be able to practice your English.

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It’s very important that you find like-minded people. English is not something you learn, it’s something you live in. There are also other interests in your life, like photography, music, YouTube, and so on. There is a platform called Skill Share which is an online learning community with thousands of classes. It is a very good site for connecting with people and learning new English-language skills.

Find a new job

The next tip is also connected to your local tourism industry. Working in a souvenir shop, for example, could be very beneficial. Many English-speaking tourists will come in and you can speak to them. The job could also be in a hotel or a museum – basically, a place where tourists frequent.

And the last tip – if you are into social media, and vlogging in particular, start a YouTube channel in English! You don’t have to travel and you don’t need anything except your phone, your camera, enthusiasm, and your favorite topic.



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