An MBA Internship at Honeywell (Video)

An MBA Internship at Honeywell (Video)


Andrew Walters talks about his MBA internship experience at Honeywell. He shares how he found out that he was actually interested in Human Resources management. After a series of jobs he had hit the ceiling and he decided that an MBA in HR would be the best next step for his career growth.


In this video interview, Andrew busts a popular myth about how one can get an internship at Honeywell. He explains that for Honeywell it isn’t that important what kind of previous experience you have, but rather what your skills are and whether you are capable of solving problems and taking intelligent risks. Andrew also shares about the salary level in the company and the opportunity for career growth there.

A fun project to work on during Andrew’s MBA internship was defining the future of a Honeywell plant with the new union leadership.  He thought this was an exciting opportunity.

He was also involved in a compensation and benefits project. He used his experience in Asia to reach out to people in Japan, China and Singapore and survey the issues they had with this topic.

During the internship they throw as many projects as they can at you, because this gives you a good opportunity to kind of mingle with and work with a lot of different stakeholders.

Andrew also discusses the pros and cons of the location where he did his MBA internship, although this was not his "favourite city.”

Learn even more from this Honeywell insider:

  • About the salary levels and career progression system at Honeywell.
  • What the key skills are that Honeywell recruiters look for in job applicants.
  • How Honeywell perceives failure.
  • What approach and attitude will impress Honeywell if you aspire to working for the company.

Finally, I bet that you are curious to learn whether Andrew got a job offer from Honeywell after his internship. Watch this video and find out.


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