The 2 Job Interview Questions That Matter the Most

The 2 Job Interview Questions That Matter the Most

According to the attorney Arkady Itkin, however, there are only two job interview questions that matter the most. And you should be ready to answer them in order to rock the job interview. Here they are:

(1) Why us?

(2) Why you?


The first question - Why us? 

It is all about what makes the company unique, desirable to you, and why you consider them good enough for you to work at. In order to answer the question throughly, you should do your reserach and find out what makes the company different from others.  When approaching this question, you should think in terms of client philosophy, history of the company and management. Besides going through the company's website, you can look at the biography of the CEO and members of the board. If there are people you think you can learn from, then proudly say so at the interview. Or if you are inlove with their product, make sure to mention it.

The second question - Why you?

It is about convincing the recruiters why you are the perfect fit for them.

The trick in answering this question is telling your prospective employer why you are so great without saying it,

says Itkin.

You should talk about your prior experience, ideas that might be useful for the team you want to work with, and your interests in the field. Another great tip is to talk more about the measurement of your previous accomplishments, rather than enlisting the duties that you had. Try to explain why would be a goof fit for the team by avoiding the cliche adjectives, usually used as bullet points in the resumes.

The aformentioned questions are easy to remember, so just try keeping them in mind when preparing for your next job interview. This will help you focus on what really matters to you and your future employer.


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