Top 5 Jobs for MBA Grads

Top 5 Jobs for MBA Grads

Knowing that the world is becoming more and more competitive every day, it’s really crucial to have marketable skills alongside a great academic background. With a varied content and the opportunity to gain valuable first hand experience, the MBA programme is definitely a degree that will send you into the comfort zone of your life. Find top five jobs for MBA grad.

5. Financial analyst

Financial analysts are responsible for gathering information on macroeconomic and microeconomic conditions. The role of the financial analyst involves a lot of research and, although highly competitive, the most important factor here is that this role offers great opportunities when it comes to career advancement.

Obviously this job involves a lot of working with numbers, but there are many situations where financial analysts have to put their interpersonal skills on the table. And one of the most enjoyable responsibilities for senior level financial analysts is nurturing juniors and building on their juniors’ professional capabilities. The position can also include frequent opportunity to travel on business trips or attending conferences to meet those who specialise in the same areas.

It’s no secret that the job includes hard work and a lot of pressure, but the good news for MBA graduates is that you’re likely to be hired straight into a senior position! This will benefit you professionally and financially, having in mind that the UK salary for a financial analyst averages £33,000. Sounds good, right?

4. IT manager

IT managers are the ones responsible for planning and directing anything relating to a company’s computer and information systems, including network organisation, and installation and maintenance of both hardware and software. IT managers also have the important task of ensuring that the company’s electronic data is safe, and that the technology will work properly.

Working as an IT manager, most likely means that you’ll need to be flexible in terms of schedule. While office rats have the regular 9am to 5pm working day, it’s very likely that your position will involve  working irregular hours and some travelling from time to time. But of course there are fun moments too like meeting people and helping them solve their IT problems. The IT people have a lot of opportunities. It’s worth mentioning that IT managers may have the opportunity to become self-employed, work overseas, or obtain more managerial responsibility within their company.

The average salary for the UK in this sector currently stands at £39,000 and depends on the working experience. This well-paid job will set MBA graduates up for a financial stable future and bear in mind that technology continues to expand. Those who choose to freelance can take breaks between projects whenever they wish, allowing opportunities to travel or pursue their interests. If that doesn’t sound tempting, right?

3. Financial manager

A financial manager provides support and advice to clients and colleagues, giving them the confidence to make good business choices. They also have many other responsibilities depending on the industry they work for and the size of their company. This position may include monitoring cash flow, predicting trends, researching business performance, and producing financial reports, alongside stereotypical managerial duties such as delegating workload.

Financial managers are employed in both public and private sectors. Becoming a financial manager will open doors for you and you’ll never be restricted to one industry. The financial manager is a very important role, because they’re relied upon to give sound advice and ensure the company’s financial stability.

The average financial manager working in the UK earns around £37,500 with the potential for their salary to grow up to £60,000 and beyond. Those with an MBA in finance will find themselves well prepared for a role in financial management once they have completed their degree.

2. PR director

PR directors have a number of responsibilities, from arranging media interviews and coordinating press releases to collaboration with marketing and advertising departments. They are also one of the main points of contact with external companies and partners. Basically, the PR directors are responsible for ensuring that their company has a positive public and professional image.

Although an MBA isn’t likely to land you a director’s position right from the start, it’s a really crucial first step in this direction. The good news is that, if you are a determined and self-driven MBA student, it is very likely that you’ll gain the position in the long run. The average UK salary for a PR director is around £53,000 with the opportunity to grow!

1. Marketing manager

A marketing manager is responsible for all marketing content concerning a certain business product. For this position it is very important to have a creative streak, in order to successfully conduct marketing campaigns. Projects under their management might include print or television advertisements, public events, or product launches. A marketing manager may also be involved in damage control if the company generates any negative image.

Marketing managers work closely with people from the various departments across a company, meaning they have the opportunity to build strong professional relationships. The position is mostly based in-office, but there may be occasional travel engagements. The average salary for a marketing manager in the UK is between £32,000 and £33,000, and with experience comes the potential to earn more. The job presents a great number of opportunities to be creative, meaning that it is challenging but also enjoyable. Some MBA programmes offer marketing related specialisations, preparing you to step right into the marketing manager’s position.

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