Google Talks: The Organised Mind (Video)

Google Talks: The Organised Mind (Video)


Daniel J. Levitin, the author of “The Organised Mind: Thinking Straight in an Age of Information Overload", explains what multitasking is and claims that it does not actually exist. He uses the latest brain science to demonstrate how the brain actually works when you have to perceive a lot of information at once.


In this Google Talk video Levitin talks about the information age and how it is drowning us with an unprecedented amount of data. At the same time, people are expected to make more and faster decisions about their lives than ever before.

The neuroscientist Dr. Levitin explains how we can use that knowledge to better organise our home and workplace, time, social world and decision making. Watch this video to see also what kind of chemical reactions multitasking provokes in our brain and body!


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