Transition to MBA Studies (Video)

Transition to MBA Studies (Video)


Master’s and MBA studies are demanding


Graduate business and management programmes are highly intense and very demanding. This is especially true if you will be studying abroad and in a foreign language. MBA and Master’s programmes in business, management and finance are demanding academically, but also because they offer so much outside of the classroom to help you build skills and network for your career.

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First steps to a smooth transition

This official video of the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) presents the advice of three US MBA programme and admissions directors.

Learn from the director of the full-time MBA of the Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California,  Irvine; the director of full-time MBA programmes of the University of Buffalo School of Management; and the director of admissions of The Fischer College of Business at the Ohio State University .

They share how students beginning an MBA, Master’s in Management, Master’s in Accountancy, Master’s in Finance, or any other graduate management programme, can hit the ground running in their first semester.

So, if you are starting your graduate studies this autumn consider taking these first steps:

  1. Talk to people who are doing the job that you think you might be interested in after graduation. This will help you gain more from your studies.
  2. Get into the right mind-set for successful graduate studies – dedicate yourself to the programme. Plan to make the most of the teaching, community, social activities and career services. Setting this as your first priority will benefit you, as well as the teams that you will join during the programme. Naturally, your goal is to learn, but you will be expected to contribute to the learning environment as well.
  3. If you are admitted to a two-year programme, talk to as many current students as you can who have finished their first year. They have gone through what you plan on doing. They are your golden audience that you would like to tap into.

Admission to an MBA or Master’s degree is a beginning. Prepare for your actual studies so that you can have a really worthwhile experience.

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