How to Make Time for Your MBA Applications (Video)

How to Make Time for Your MBA Applications (Video)


MBA admissions consultant Stacy Blackman is here with a very important tip video. She is giving a detailed answer to the question: ”How do you find time to work on your MBA applications with an overly-packed schedule including a full-time job and family commitments?” The answer to this question is going to resonate with those of you who are having a hard time making progress and moving forward with your MBA applications.


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Liz is a woman who literally went from being homeless to attending Harvard College. In her book, Breaking Night, she talks about how one day she thought to herself “What would happen if I woke up every single day and worked as hard as I possibly could towards achieving my goals? What could happen in a month, what could happen in a year?” This is such a simple idea and yet really powerful, because truthfully it’s never a straight line to success. If you start working on your applications now, you’ll probably run around in circles in the beginning, you’ll procrastinate and mess up, waste time. But if you work hard enough, you’re going to start making progress. However, if you continue to procrastinate and make excuses, you’re going to wake up two years from now and you still won’t have made any headway on your MBA applications.

If you’re serious about your goals and you want to accomplish these dreams, you need to do some work on your applications every single day no matter how tired and burned out you are. Spend a minimum of 30 minutes and just get something done every day.


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