A Marketing MBA Application Approach (Video)

A Marketing MBA Application Approach (Video)


Aya Ghaleb, from Cranfield University, gives advice on how to tell a captivating story on your application.


Here is a slightly different perspective on how to apply for an MBA. Aya Ghaleb says that writing your application is all about the use of storytelling. You have to get people engaged to get your message across. You have to think about your application as an opportunity to tell your story.

For example, think about the image you want to draw for yourself through your application. What qualities do you think you have that will make you the perfect fit for this school or programme? Also what achievements have you made through your life that you are proud of? And do not forget to mention the failures you have gone through that have made you who you are today.

Once you have all of these examples on your mind try to link them together and connect the dots. It is very important to think outside the box and link the dots in a coherent and interesting way.

Once you are done with your story, go through it several times. You could also show it to some people who you believe know you well to see if they can interpret the key message you would like to convey about yourself.

Your application is your story – keep it as interesting as possible!

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And do not forget that the application process is very time-consuming so you have to start early! Waiting until the last moment or postponing one or other part of the MBA application process is not a good decision. Starting as early as possible is recommended. Experts say that starting 6-9 months prior to filing the application is reasonable timing.


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