The 7 Most Important MBA Admission Questions And Their Answers

The 7 Most Important MBA Admission Questions And Their Answers

Here are some of the most important MBA Admission questions:

1. Where should I start?

Candidates need to take control of the process and go through the necessary stages in order to be successful in the application process. First of all check the deadlines set by the business schools you will apply to. You should also make sure you are familiar with the vital parts of the preparation process: the GMAT test, the essay, the recommendations, submission of the application and the interview. Then outline a thorough timetable, specifying the steps to take.

2. How can I get reliable information about the schools?

The most important source of information is the website of the business school. You can also contact the admissions department and talk to them. Business schools participate in MBA tours where you can sit with consultants and discuss your plans and options.  A less formal, more difficult, but very reliable research method is to establish contacts with someone who is already a student or has recently been one. You may search social networks. If you are not intrusive and adopt a pleasant approach, people will reply. Ask them what they like and what they do not like about the school. Internet may also help by giving you access to feedback from alumni and current students posted on different websites.

3. When should I start preparing for the examinations?

A year before the deadline for accepting applications is a reasonable period, but the answer varies according to candidates’ abilities, whether they have already taken the GMAT, their motivation and other factors. The application process takes time and concentration and should not be taken lightly. Working people may need more time than those who have more spare time and could finish everything within 3 months.

4. What weighs most in the admission assessment ?

The GMAT test, the essay, the preparation for the interview, the recommendations or the educational and professional experience? All of them are very important. Overlooking any of them would diminish your overall performance. Apart from doing the necessary preparation for the GMAT and the language tests, the essay, and the interview, do not underestimate the significance of recommendations. The people who write them should preferably know you very well. If you work, a suitable referee would be your immediate supervisor. Your background will also be taken into account. It must be presented in the right way. Emphasise your strengths and leadership potential, but do not exaggerate out of proportion.

5. What GMAT result should I have in order to be considered for my target school?

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