How to Write the Best MBA Essay

How to Write the Best MBA Essay


In this video, Amanda Huelse from MBA PodTV talks with top admission experts to find out how to shape your personal essay in the best way. Find some of the essential points here that they highlight and ensure you watch the video for details and examples.


When you sit down and start writing about your professional life, stories can begin coming out and this document can easily turn into a wonderful database for you to tap into. You will be able to narrow it down and focus on the most important points to discuss.

One mistake that students make in regards to their professional backgrounds is to describe them in terms of what they have done, whereas the right tactic is to tell the committee what you have learned and how you currently reflect on your experiences. This is the thing that would make you appear different than all the other applicants with the same qualifications.

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It is always a bit tricky when you present your leadership skills because it is difficult not to sound like you are bragging. To make a good impression, try to tell a story that demonstrates that you showed a lot of patience or vision when working in a certain situation, instead of just stating the fact that you are a great leader.

Business schools want to hear how you work in a team. You don’t have to be the head of the team to influence people. You simply have to be able to participate with passion in order to be able to say what you need to say in the organisation.

It is very important to have clarity in your narrative. Of course, you have to say why you think an MBA is the right choice for you and show that you have really thought this degree through along with the value that it is going to bring to your professional goals.

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