Build a Support System for your B-school Application (Video)

Build a Support System for your B-school Application (Video)


Applying to a business school can be tough if you rely only on yourself. If you don’t want to go through the whole process alone, you may want to make an effort to get in touch with other people who are seeking admission to an MBA programme.


In the video, Richard Barbier, first-year MBA student at Kellogg School of Management, talks about connecting with those in a similar experience for support.

Standing united against challenges

One of the first things that he noticed while visiting business schools was that a lot of people in his area were essentially going through the same difficulties. He says:

We quickly bonded over the challenges of studying for the GMAT, managing multiple visits, and thinking about potential recommendations going forward.

Being together while going through the same process allows prospective students to bounce ideas off of one another. Having a support system allows you to discuss some of the strengths and weaknesses of individual schools. This can help you narrow down the initial list of schools to which you are planning to apply.

Chill out

Moreover, it was nice, Barbier says, to have a group of individuals that he could just relax and have lunch with when he wanted a break from talking  about the GMAT.

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Ultimately, what you will find out is that no one understands your challenges better than the people who are going through them at the exact same time as you.

Lean on these individuals; bind with these individuals – this will make you a stronger applicant and the application process a lot more pleasant.


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