Getting Ready for Graduate School (Video)

Getting Ready for Graduate School (Video)


They also share how they think graduate school is different from their undergraduate experience.


Graduate school is really different from your undergraduate education. As a graduate student you are focused on your studies as a career. It is not just something you are doing to get a Bachelor’s. If you choose to do a graduate degree you are doing it because it is something that matters to you.

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According to some graduate students their experience in graduate school is totally different from their undergraduate studies. Graduate schools allow students to get to know the institution in which they are studying on a much more intimate level. Graduate school requires a little more balance in terms of the work you do. While in undergraduate school you are plainly studying without a very clear view of the future, in graduate school you are studying because those classes are a requirement for your future career.

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In graduate school you study to become an expert of your field. Also it is time for you to start thinking of how you can contribute to this field. And one of the greatest things that graduate students point out is that you are an independent learner. You still have to take classes but generally you are doing research on your own. In other words you are the person who is in charge of your education.

Life in graduate school is a little more challenging than in undergraduate school. You will have more assignments, more due dates and of course and you have to be more focused on your studies.

One of the greatest pieces of advice you can have before going to graduate school is to take advantage of all the opportunities on offer there - whether academic, social or career.

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