A Breakdown of the MBA Application Process (Video)

A Breakdown of the MBA Application Process (Video)


In this video, Benn Manning, president of Manning Consulting, shares some tips about the MBA application process.


Personal brand

Before looking at the process in depth, it is really important to think about creating a personal brand statement. When you think about a brand, such as Nike, there are a few words that enter your mind – you think of athletics, performance, and innovation. Those are all words that would usually occur to you when you think about Nike. Similarly, you could also do this exercise with the Application Process. You want the admissions’ committee to have words popping in their mind when they think about you. You will do this through the essays, your letters of recommendation and the interview itself. So, how do you formulate that in your personal brand statement?

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Three parts

There are three main parts. The first part is where you describe your attributes – what makes you different and what’s going to come naturally in your application process. You want to think about if you are innovative and forward thinking, results achieving, if you are charismatic and able to get people to do things that they wouldn’t do on their own. Think about your expertise in this field.

The second is the personal point of differentiation that’s based on your experience of your interest. For example, if you speak several foreign languages, you have studied abroad in Europe and you have spent the last four years in retail, then you may claim some special expertise in the field of international retail.

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Lastly, you want to focus on the school that you are applying to and what they are renowned for. If you think about Harvard Business School, for example, they are renowned for leadership; Kellog is renowned for teamwork and marketing; Stanford is renowned for entrepreneurship and technology. You want to incorporate that into your personal brand statement.


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