Your Profile in the Mirror

Your Profile in the Mirror

Profile evaluation is the best start to your MBA preparation as it sets you on the right track. It highlights the strengths of your profile, unravels the relevant areas of possible short term improvement and helps you build a strategy for mastering all the factors within your control – test scores, school selection, scholarship application, application for admission portfolio and interview performance.

Benchmark – get your MBA profile evaluated by an expert

MBA experts have key knowledge about two crucial factors for MBA admission - your competition and the needs of the business schools with all the nuances. Most importantly, MBA profilers are skilled at screening your CV and, in an individual session, identifying your unique story.

Experts in MBA profiling also analyse your motivation to step into the MBA fast lane, because having the right reasons and adequate expectations determines your success. “I am a strongly competitive personality, and I need to apply to the most selective top business schools”, an applicant recently shared. He requested a DING analysis after his application to Stanford was rejected. In his case, being in a selective MBA is indeed important, but for other much more valid reasons than just his competitive spirit.

For a pole-vaulting competition, such as the MBA application, you need to have the profile, the potential and an adequate strategy to become one of those applicants whom the business schools will strive to have in their next MBA class. Through the admissions process, schools need to ensure diversity and your application portfolio needs to highlight relevant and unique stories, skills, experience, challenges and goals which the school will appreciate.

The value of the outside perspective

Even if you stand in front of a mirror trying to see yourself from a new perspective, you still look at your reflection through your own eyes. For a realistic evaluation of your MBA potential, it is best to seek an outside perspective, one which is fine-tuned to the MBA environment. You will of course talk to current MBA students, alumni and school representatives, but they always have their bias. Independent expert opinion will set you on the right track for your school selection and strategy for preparation and application.

Applicants can also fall into the trap of being too self-critical and as a result do not aim as high as they can actually achieve. The role of the MBA profile evaluator is to look at the evidence in your profile in order to determine the right scope of your choices.

Evaluation focuses you on the best achievable target

Your calibre should match the calibre of the business schools where you will potentially apply. Once you know where you stand as an MBA applicant, you can set the best achievable goals – the MBAs which will help you both reach your post- MBA goals and be attracted by what you have to offer. A profile evaluator gives you guidance on the types of schools and programmes corresponding to your capacity in terms of delivery format, admission requirements, test scores, focus of the curriculum, etc. This will speed up your school selection and, most importantly, will allow you to set realistic targets. Your goal is to be admitted. You can always try applying to some higher calibre schools, but most of the schools on your list should clearly be a good match.

How it works

The MBA expert will need to have information about your profile in advance. You may be requested to fill in and submit a form or to send a CV. In a one-to-one session, the expert will discuss the details with you for a better understanding of the information and to identify your strengths. Based on this you will receive the expert’s feedback and advice on types of programme and application strategy.

There is also a post-application evaluation which focuses on the possible reasons for your application being rejected (DING analysis). This helps you decide whether to reapply to the same school or to adapt your school choices.

In either case, independent expert guidance works in your best interests.


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