The Importance of the GMAT and GRE (Video)

The Importance of the GMAT and GRE (Video)


In this video Paula Wilson, director of MBA admissions at Georgia Tech College of Business, tackles a common question posed by prospective MBA students: “How important is the GMAT or GRE score in the admissions process?”


Many applicants question the important the GMAT or GRE scores to the admissions process. The answer is that a high test score will not guarantee admission or even an interview. However, a low score can be fatal. Visit each individual school’s website in order to determine if your scores are competitive. Most schools will publish their middle 80% range and this will give you good indication as to whether your scores are competitive for admission.

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The good news is that the GMAT and GRE are the quickest and least expensive way to improve an application. Most schools will not average your scores. They will rather take your best overall attempt. So, taking the test more than once is not seen as a negative in your application. Just make sure you’ve taken plenty of time to prepare and plan to take the test twice. Hopefully you don’t have to. Hopefully you will get a great score on your first attempt, but if you don’t have a good test day, allowing yourself some time to take the test again will give you another chance to submit your best application. Good luck!


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