Top 10 Tips for Acing the GRE Exam (Video)

Top 10 Tips for Acing the GRE Exam (Video)

In this video, a GRE Expert offers ten tips (five for the Verbal section and five for the Quantitative section) that will help test-takers beat the GRE.

Verbal section

  1. Know how to practise and study vocabulary effectively. Study word groups and word roots so you can create networks of words in your brain. This will enable you to make associations between words and improve memory retention.
  2. Create concise passage maps. Most people commit one of two errors - they either write nothing down at all and remember little about the passage, or they want to write down the whole passage, which of course eats into their time. Don’t forget that there is a middle ground.
  3. Understand the complexities of an argument. Be able to break it up into its conclusion, evidence and assumption. This is going to help you with Critical Reasoning questions as well as with the argument essay.
  4. Know the wrong-answer types. Whatever you do, don't pick that extreme out-of-scope answer choice, because it’s a trap.
  5. Predict. Predicting is a great way to home in on a right-answer choice and avoid wrong-answer traps.

Quantitative section

  1. Know how and when to use numbers because they can make impossible problems manageable and hard problems move much more quickly.
  2. Know how to eliminate answer choices strategically. So that when you test answer choices you test only the ones that you need to.
  3. Make sure you answer the right question. The test-makers are cunning. But they are like video-game villains, who always make the same move. So watch out for them.
  4. Learn your special right triangles. The special right triangles are vital because they represent a great opportunity to avoid doing needless calculations and get to the right answer choice more quickly.
  5. Understand the quantitative comparison question type. Learn how to approach it. If you do that, you won’t have to do unnecessary calculations and you are going to be much more efficient and accurate.

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There is also one last bonus tip – practise. Only through practice can you learn how to focus on the right things, build good habits, and achieve a good score in the GRE exam.


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