TOEFL Test Preparation Strategies (Video)

TOEFL Test Preparation Strategies (Video)


In this video real test takers, who studied abroad and now work for ETS, share their successful preparation strategies for the TOEFL exam.


Veronika Laughlin – Research Scientist

The TOEFL test assesses how well you can speak, write, listen and read in English. Expose yourself to the language as much as you can. Read books, watch movies and listen to the radio or audio books. You can do all these things while you’re in the car or even on a treadmill in the gym. So you can use every minute to just learn the language and immerse yourself in it.

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Xinyu Li, Assessment Consultant

Xinyu had a “study buddy” back when she was taking the test for the first time. They used to pick a topic and write an essay and share it with each other. They used to read each other’s essay, then make comments and recommendations. It’s a great way to gain self-confidence and also this method kind of forces you to write every day. So if you have a group of people who are going through the same thing as you are, that’s really helpful.

Zippy Aima – Market Research Manager

Zippy thinks that just making the effort to talk constantly in English makes a lot of difference. Participating in various competitive activities, such as debates and public speaking, gives you the opportunity to practise the language a lot more. And the more you use and build up vocabulary, the more comfortable you will become in conversation.

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