MBA or Master’s in Finance (Video)

MBA or Master’s in Finance (Video)


In this video, two members of the Graduate Management Admission Council explain the differences between the two programmes and indicate the types of people suitable for each one. If you are considering undertaking a graduate programme and you are not sure which fits your criteria better, keep reading and watch the video so you can get a clearer direction. 


Lisa Bevill – Former Director of Admissions, IE Business School, Madrid, Spain

Lisa explains that an MBA is a generalist programme that gives the opportunity for individuals with professional experience to develop greater leadership and management abilities. The Master of Business Administration also allows professionals to focus a little more in depth within one area.

On the other hand, a Master's in Finance is an extremely technical programme, allowing individuals to gain a broad range of skills within a specific industry that gives them a great deal of flexibility, especially in the early stages of their career.

Clifford McCormick – Director of MBA Admissions, University of Pittsburgh, Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business

In the end, if the differences between a Master's in Finance and an MBA are to be considered, it depends on the individual. Clifford McCormick is of the opinion that if a person already has a significant number of years of experience, especially in Management and Leadership, then they might want to consider a programme that is very detailed and goes into depth within the specific area, such as a Master's in Finance.

However, an MBA would probably be the better fit for someone who really wants to understand the business model as a whole, for example, if they want to explore functional areas such as Human Resources or Marketing Operations.

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