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AI Match
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AI Match Personalized list of schools
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Cultural Fit
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Cultural Fit Personalized list of schools
Comparison table between schools of choice
Access to full cultural map with all schools  
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Individual 30-minute consultation  
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How to get your Premium membership?

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The best thing about Unimy Premium for me is that I got results about my top 3 schools and was able to stay focused on the options that are most accurate for my profile.

GE Georgia Efird, USA

I was looking for the business school program where I could be myself and among like-minded people. The Cultural Fit Test is always a great feature but with Premium’s full school culture map, I could compare and visualize the cultures in different schools even more clearly.

LC Lucas Cardoso, Brazil

I always prefer to have a personal interaction when using a service. The consultant I spoke to dedicated their time to get to know my results from the platform and helped me make sense of the different options I could pursue.

DK Dobromił Kaczmarek, Poland

Premium users get access to Unimy’s main exclusive features:

  • AI Match Premium
  • Cultural Fit Premium
  • Consult Premium

AI Match Premium

Premium members get a sorted “Top 3” list of the schools where they are most likely to apply, based on their profile and MBA preferences.

Match premium

Cultural Fit Premium

Premium members have access to the full cultural map with all participating business schools. Choose two cultural dimensions and a geographic region (optional) to explore the interactive map.*

* For example, the chart below shows the positioning of business schools in Asia according to the cultural dimensions of Structured vs. Flexible Organization and Explicit vs. Intuitive Communication.


Consult Premium

Premium members get an individual 30-minute consultation with one of our education experts in addition to having their MBA questions answered by chat or email.