EdX Launches Executive Courses

EdX Launches Executive Courses

This can boost competition between online educational courses and traditional business school programs.The launch of the executive courses is initiative by Harvard and MIT. The MOOCs on the edX platform are largely intended for university students.

The new executive and professional courses are going to be shorter and rather more focused than the traditional MOOC, announces Anant Agarwal, chief executive of edX.

Besides the charging uofront for short professional courses, edX also licenses courses to institutions. Another revenue source for edX is that students, who complete MOOCs are given the option to purchase a verified certificate at the end of their program.

Topics of the executive programs include medicine, sustainability, cybersecurity and business. There is only one business related course and it is called Engaging with Innovation Ecosystems. It is authored by MIT Solan. The cost of the course is $1,249.

“More and more people prefer the flexibility of doing courses on their own.”, says Prof. Agarwal and believes that the programs will find their ready market.

Source: The Financial Times


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