How to Minimise Stress (Video)

How to Minimise Stress (Video)


Everyone gets a little stressed out from school at some point. This video will teach you some techniques for reducing stress levels and give you a few tips for a relatively stress-free life.


One of the most effective methods to avoid stress is breaking down big tasks into smaller ones. If you have something very big and time consuming to complete, you will probably procrastinate on that more than doing something easier. To manage this problem, try to set up a specific list of smaller tasks, which you need to complete in order to cope with the big task. Ensure to also assign your own due dates for these smaller sub-tasks. This way, the big task seems more accomplishable because you have everything laid out to a set time which gives you more control and less stress over the things you need to get done. Moreover, it really helps avoiding procrastination, which is a big problem when stress takes over.

When you have to study for a long period of time, the Pomodoro technique could be quite useful for efficiency. It’s a technique that suggests studying for 30-45 minutes, whereas taking breaks in between those chunks of time for 5-10 minutes. It’s best if you set a timer on your phone and take your breaks whenever it finishes. The Pomodoro method is a great way to reduce stress levels if you’re studying for a big test, because it makes you more productive and motivates you to keep going.

Sleep is a natural stress reliever, so when you have a good night sleep your mind relaxes and you forget about all the stressful events from the day. In this sense, it is a good practice to use a sleep cycle alarm clock. This means that when you set your alarm for a certain hour, there is a wake up phase before the set time, so the alarm will wake you up in the lightest stage of your sleep. This makes you more alert in the morning and prepared for class.

These were some effective stress reducing techniques that will help you become more productive and motivated to study. Try them out and you will definitely feel your achieved progress!

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