For the First Time It Pains Me When a Professor is Leaving – MBA Diary

For the First Time It Pains Me When a Professor is Leaving – MBA Diary

Time and again, I sit back and reflect on what goes well and what doesn't go well with my everyday at CBS. Some days are happy and some days are not so elevating.

Come January, we had started with our Financial Accounting course which was termed as one of the toughest subjects on board MBA. Well, engineer as I am, with added experience from Customer Relationship Management, it is not hard to imagine that I love analysis. I can safely say that I love numbers. So I loved the FA course and spent the first half of January and part of my Christmas break slogging through the readings, assignments, papers, exams et al. FA was followed by a wonderful break of 3 days, which I can tell you felt very very relaxing after the great workload.

The next on agenda was Change Management. I have to admit that I had my doubts about this course and I thought it is again one of those fluffy subjects in the MBA. Well, I tried to read the first two chapters of the book and I slept with the book. So, it was all the more clear to me that this course is perhaps not for me. Today I am 4 days into the course, sitting in the MBA building at 17:34 in the evening (ON A THURSDAY i.e. Weekend is coming), but I am sad for the course is getting over. Why do I feel so? It is such a strange feeling. The reason is our professor John Hayes, who has come all the way from Leeds University to teach us. It is an absolute honour and pleasure to listen to this gentleman. I wish I can become 20% like him in terms of experience, framing and saying the right things, making the correct analysis and then being absolutely down to earth. I love listening to him. It’s amazing that even when it’s been straight 6 hours that I have sat in the class and heard him, I feel this greed for more. He simply has so much knowledge that it is hard for me to explain it here in words. I wish he could go on and on and on.

I mean – ‘I mean it’ is what I am saying here. I feel so bad that he would be here with us only for 1.5 hours tomorrow morning, and then will fly back to the UK. It’s sad. It’s amazing that I am feeling this. This topic to me seems the most critical subject that affects human lives. Something that, if well executed can do wonders, and beware the same subject, if messed around with, can cause havocs. To me, this is the key that can help me understand how people can be motivated to the right paths in life.

And hey, it’s all my opinion here. I also know many people in the class who love to read the book and have diligently read all the chapters, simply because they love to read it. I don’t know why I love to hear the Professor, and – yes, there are also quite a few who perhaps don’t relate so well to the subject and the professor.

But hey, that’s how life is and that’s the beauty of bringing 43 people – with different perspectives, different backgrounds, different realities, different maturity levels and completely different level of understanding each other – together.

I can only admit I love to be a part of this MBA, even if it is so demanding that sometimes I fear that I will break!!


By Priyanka

Source: CBS MBA student blog


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