Why You Never Heard Back From the Recruiters? 15 Things You Are Doing Wrong in Your Resume

Why You Never Heard Back From the Recruiters? 15 Things You Are Doing Wrong in Your Resume

Even if you were a perfect fit for the job, the main reason behind not inviting you to the interview is probably due to your unimpressive resume.

Hiring managers usually receive dozens, even hundreds of resumes for any give job opening. Since, they do not have time to read each one of them closely, they spend approximately six seconds on each resume.

One typo, or a wrong font, can grant you one-way ticket to the ‘no fit’ file.

Tina Nicolai, executive career coach and founder of Resume Writers’ Ink, shares tips for making sure your resume won’t end up in the trash file.

Here are 15 things you are doing wrong in your resume.

1. Get rid of the objective

If you’ve applied for the job, it is already obvious you want the job.

2. Cut out all the irrelevant work experiences.

You might’ve been the best in making milkshakes at the restaurant you worked in high school, but unless you are intending to redeem that title, get rid of all that clutter.

3. Take a pass on the personal stuff.

Refrain from including marital status, religious beliefs, or social security number. It might’ve been a standard in the past, but all of this information is now illegal for your employer to ask you.

4. Don’t list you hobbies.

Honestly, nobody cares; especially if it’s irrelevant to the job you are applying for.

5. Don’t give your age.

If you do not want to be discriminated from a position because of your age, it is time you remove your graduation date.

6. Don’t include references.

If your employers want to speak to your references, they will ask. If you write ‘references upon request’ at the bottom of your resume, you’re merely wasting a valuable line.

7. Don’t use personal pronouns.

Your resume should not include the words ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘she’, etc. Do not write the resume in first or third person. It is already clear that everything in your resume is about you.

8. Don’t include a less than professional email account.

If you are still using an old email address, like sweet.bear@gmail.com, it is time to pick a new one.

9. Don’t identify your phone number.

There is no need to put the word “phone” in front of the actual number. It is pretty silly since they know it’s your phone number. The same goes for email.

10. Do not include your current business contact info.

This is dangerous and thoughtless. I guess you will not like it if your new employers call at work.

11. Do not include salary information.

Some people tend to include hourly rates for jobs they held in college. This information is completely unnecessary and can send the wrong message. Also, avoid to address your desired salary in a resume.

12. Avoid outdates fonts.

Do not use Times New Roman or serif fonts, as they are outdates and old-fashioned. Try to use a standard sans-serif font like Arial. Also, be careful with the font size. Your goals should be to make it look nice, but also readable.

13. Don’t use annoying buzzwords.

Career Builder recently asked 2,021 US hiring managers what resume terms are the biggest turnoffs.  They cited words and phrases such as ‘best of breed’, ‘go-getter’, ‘think outside the box’, ‘synergy’ and ‘people pleaser’. Terms employers actually like seeing on a resume are ‘achieved’, ‘managed’, ‘resolved’, and ‘launched’.

14. Don’t include your GPA.

Once you are out of school, your grades are not longer relevant.

15. Don’t include a photo of yourself.

This may become a norm at some point in the future, but it is just weird and tacky for the time being.


Source: Business Insider


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