MBA Hiring Expected to Increase in 2015

MBA Hiring Expected to Increase in 2015

The GMAC report of the 2014 Year-End Poll of Employers presents actual 2014 hiring data and 2015 hiring projections for graduate management students, as reported by 169 employers worldwide.

Here are some highlights of the report, which suggest that MBA hiring is expected to increase in 2015:

  • The report collects data from 169 employers from 33 countries, which represents a relatively small sample.
  • The report predicts that the job market will remain strong for 2015 business school graduates.
  • As much as 90 percent of the employers that expect to hire business school graduates in 2015 also expect to maintain or increase the number of job openings compared with hiring in 2014.
  • In 2015, 74 percent of the employers plan to hire MBA graduates, compared to 69 percent in 2014.
  • The majority of the employers (54-72 percent) plan to increase starting salaries at or above the rate of inflation in 2015.
  • The majority of the employers (64 percent) say that their companies are expanding and that they plan on hiring more business school graduates.
  • As much as 87 percent of employers expect to offer internships to students. Usually these internships will go towards bachelor’s graduates (73 percent of employers). This is followed by MBA graduates (55 percent of employers).
  • As much as 96 percent of employers agree that business school graduates create value for their companies.

As usual, the greatest hiring demand is for MBA graduates. However, Master in Management graduates are projected to experience the largest increase in hiring.


The solid job prospects for b-school talent seen over the past several years and again reflected in this poll, give prospective students good reason to consider pursuing these degrees as part of a strategy to drive their career goals… Our data show that even in the depths of the recession, business and management degrees can provide a measure of job protection and opportunity. Today, in a recovering global economy, management degrees can be a powerful driver of confidence and provide fuel for an individual’s career growth,

said Rebecca Estrada Worthington, GMAC’s Survey Research Manager.

Read the full report.

Source: GMAC and Accepted


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