How to Sell Yourself in an Interview

How to Sell Yourself in an Interview


In this video, Marina and Poornima are discussing some useful tips on how to properly present yourself in front of an audience or in an interview.


It takes quite some time for anyone to really learn how to speak for himself authentically and get comfortable with practising. The key to master this ability is to learn how to present yourself in a way that it doesn’t seem like you’re selling yourself, while still managing to put yourself out there and tell people about the work you do and what you have to offer. One very successful way of doing that is in the form of teaching. This means to talk about your experiences, the pitfalls and failures you had and what you have learnt from them. The negative experiences are of particular importance sometimes, because when people hear of your failure, they often feel hopeful that if it has happened to you and you succeeded anyway, they can do it too. So, take the time to figure out what you want to teach and how that can be valuable to somebody else.

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As for your resume, you don’t want to just state the information you are presenting. You would rather want to tell a story using facts from your experience. For example, if you were an intern at Google, don’t just state it. Say why you were an intern there, explain about the project you worked on and the impact it had on the company. Moreover, try to not only talk about the group achievements you had, but also pin point the things you executed on your own for the project. Keep the resume short and whatever the job is that you are applying for, try to include relevant experience within the resume.

These are the tips from Poornima, which helped her sell herself and her business successfully over the years of her experience. Try to follow them and see if they also work for you.

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