The Most Important 20 Minutes in the Day

The Most Important 20 Minutes in the Day

John Meyer, a co-founder and CEO of Lemonly, has developed a habit of taking 20 minutes out of his day to plan and organise his daily schedule.

The 20 minutes you spend today can save hours tomorrow and turn a good day into a great day.

he says.

Everyone knows that the most valuable resource a person has, is his time. So stop giving it away to people and activities you do not care about. It is crucial that people protect their time. This means choosing one person over another to schedule that long meeting, or saying no without worrying about someone’s feelings. This means realising that saying no today allows you to say yes tomorrow to something that means more.

So what is John Meyer’s daily plan?

Up until now John has completed his morning planning over 500 times. Daily planning has become a routine that is now a programmed habit. He started this habit two years ago and he calls it his “8 of the Day”. The process is quite simple:

1. He writes down the eight goals he wants to accomplish that day. If he can’t get eight things done in an eight-hour day, then he is doing the wrong things.

2. Six of those goals are professional and two are personal. Personal goals include things like going for a run or having a date night.

3. The next morning, he checks off the goals he accomplished, sees how he did, reassesses and then creates a new list for the day.

4. On Saturdays, he flips the ratio and sets six personal goals and two professional goals, which may be as simple as paying the bills. This is an effort to encourage weekend fun and discourage weekend work.

On Sundays, there is no list making. Everyone needs time to rest and a day free of lists.

John Meyers says that committing 20 minutes a day to setting daily goals has turned out to be quite beneficial to his work, personal life, and overall health.

Meyers loves to start his day with dedicated time to focus on and visualise how his day will unfold. However, others like to spend the last 20 minutes of their day thinking about tomorrow and making their game plan.

It is up to you to choose the most important 20 minutes of your day. The question is how will you spend them.

Source: Entrepreneur


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