Study Abroad Admission Tests (Video)

Study Abroad Admission Tests (Video)


When people are willing to pursue their dreams, studying abroad is not far from reach. In this video Devyani from Freshers World discusses those exams that give you a sure way to pursue your dreams to study abroad.



You should consider taking a Graduate Record Examination if your preferred destination for a study programme is the United States. Depending on the school you want to apply for, the importance of your GRE result can vary. The goal of the GRE is to test the academic aptitude of the student with the use of common sections like Verbal reasoning, Quantitative reasoning and Analytical writing.

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Test of English as a Foreign Language is one of the most common exams for students who wish to enroll in English speaking universities. It is based on reading, writing, speaking and listening to the English language.


IELTS refers to International English Language Testing System and it is managed by the British Council. Similar to TOEFL, the aim of the IELTS Australia and Cambridge English language assessment is to ensure the English proficiency of non-native English speaking students.

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Pearson Test of English is an exam designed to test the candidate on the demand of institution and government agencies. PTE tests the fluent use of the English language speaking in foreign aspirants who want to be a part of universities which teach their programmes in English.

The main difference between these exams is in their general goals. For example, GRE tests your aptitude and reasoning ability, while the other 3 exams do not intend this. IELTS and TOEFL are similar in their aim to test the use of the English language. IELTS is preferred over TOEFL in Europe and Australia, but TOEFL is preferred in the US for MBA.

The recommended study book for preparing for GRE is the guide offered by the maker of the examination – Educational Testing Service (ETS). For TOEFL that would be “The Official Guide to the TOEFL Test” and for IELTS - “The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS”. For PTE the best materials are provided in the official course offered by Pearson.

These were some of the examinations required for applying to a university abroad. Your decision on which one to take depends on what the institution of your choice requires. Good luck!


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