5 Tips for the TOEFL Exam (Video)

5 Tips for the TOEFL Exam (Video)


1. TOEFL exams can be quite chaotic. Marina Mogilko, who posts videos about language test preparation on YouTube, said that during her exam, people were entering and leaving the room because when she had started doing the reading part people were still registering. It was noisy. That’s why she advises students to take three days to concentrate on the most difficult part for them and switch on some loud music, preferably music that they dislike. This way they will get used to an environment of noise and distraction.


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2. Take some necessary things to the TOEFL exam room. The first thing you need to take is earplugs to shut out the commotion in the room at the beginning of the exam. The second thing you need to take with you is food. Marina says that her exam was two hours late, but luckily she had some food in her bag.

3. Have some templates with you. Marina took templates for the speaking part. Of course you will not be able to review them during the exam, but you can take a look at them just before the exam. Another tip for the speaking part: You will have a 10-minute break. You can spend the whole break outside, but if you return to the room, say, after five minutes, you will be able to hear those already doing the speaking part. This means that you will be able to infer the questions from the answers of the other test takers. Remember, you will all have the same questions.

4. The great thing about TOEFL is that you can go back. Make sure you have 10 minutes left at the very end of the first part to ensure that your reading answers are correct.

5. Another thing that you have to be psychologically prepared for is that TOEFL might give you an extra part. They do this to collect data; your answers in this part will not have any bearing on your results. Instead of two modules in listening you may have three, which is an extra 25 minutes.

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Watch the video to hear more tips from Marina and be fully prepared for the TOEFL exam.



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