The 10 most liberal-style business schools in Europe

The 10 most liberal-style business schools in Europe

The MBA Cultural Fit Index compares schools along different cultural dimensions. Unimy can now share its results about the most liberal-style business schools in Europe based on our research. 

School                                                                 Cultural score: Liberal style

1. INSEAD                                                                                          81.3%

2. ESADE Business School                                                               79.86%

3. Technical University of Munich: TUM School of Management       74.52%

4. ESMT Berlin                                                                                   74.36%

5. Alliance Manchester Business School                                           73.98%

6. London Business School                                                               73.8%

7. HEC Paris                                                                                      73.3%

8. WHU: Otto Beisheim School of Management                                73.1%

​9. University of Lausanne: HEC Lausanne                                        72.96%

10. Cranfield University: Cranfield School of Management               72.92%


What is a liberal-style business school?

These business schools welcome a variety of behavior and manners within their cohorts and faculty. Their traditions evolve based on the individuals in the community. You can expect diversity in terms of how people behave, dress, and communicate. 

What is the alternative?

Measuring by culture shows us that communities are neither better nor worse - just different. The important factor is which community is a better fit for you. 'Liberal style' sits on the other end of the scale to 'Classical style' within this Cultural Fit dimension. Classical-style business schools have more synchronicity between how people dress and behave. They share a code of conduct. 

How did we measure schools by liberal style?

Unimy started researching culture at 130 top business schools in 2019. The research project, MBA Cultural Fit, has so far included in-depth survey responses from 5,100+ alumni, students, and faculty. Using expertise in organizational culture, Unimy developed six dimensions along which to measure culture within these business schools. This extensive research into culture and business education provides a way to compare schools along values that were previously impossible to measure. The extent to which schools adopt a liberal style is just one part of one of the dimensions this research considers. Find out more about the MBA Cultural Fit research.



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