The 5 C's of Business School Selection (Video)

The 5 C's of Business School Selection (Video)


In this video, Harold Simansky, an MBA Admissions Consultant, talks about how to create your own school ranking by applying five key factors as criteria.


Creating your own school ranking is a great way to pick out the best schools. In order to do that, Harold recommends 5 different lenses through which to view all schools – the 5 C’s of business school selection:


It is the first and most important factor – asking yourself whether you can go to that school and take the courses that would push your career forward.


The next is clubs. So, check out if there are extracurricular activities in groups that will also focus on your needs and propel you to where you want to be.


Another important factor is to feel comfortable at your place of study over the next two years.


Go on campus and talk to people who studied or still study there. Ask them what they liked and what they didn’t like. This will also play a part in determining your choice.


Needless to say, business schools are very expensive. That’s more meaningful and significant for some people than others. So if cost is a deciding factor, you want to look at schools that can potentially offer you a good scholarship.

The 3+3+3 Strategy

Finally, if you haven’t narrowed your choice to one, use the 3+3+3 strategy. Pick 3 reach schools - schools that you’d like to get into, but you feel you have a small chance of getting into; 3 target schools – very good chance of getting in and places that you’d feel very comfortable at; and 3 safety schools – again great schools with an even greater chance of getting admitted.

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