Unimy: Reimagining the MBA and Master’s Program Selection

Unimy: Reimagining the MBA and Master’s Program Selection

MBA and Master’s applicants are increasingly using specialized school selection platforms for shortlisting programs. One such platform, which combines cutting-edge technology with human expertise, is Unimy.

Unimy is a pioneering platform that combines 15 years of orientation experience and is designed to help prospective applicants find the most suitable program from the best accredited schools in the world.

Unimy considers an incredible variety of school selection factors, but the process for you, the prospective applicant, is very simple. You can go through five steps, either using one tool after another or randomly. Here are the steps: 


In the browse section, applicants can use one or more of the available filters to narrow down their search according to preferred study area, format and region. Browsing is easy, free, and doesn’t require registration. You don’t need to worry about the quality of the schools because Unimy lists only top institutions. To be included in the database, a university has to be accredited by at least one of the three main accreditation bodies and also feature in reputable rankings.


Here, things are starting to get interesting. The Match tool is based on an AI-enabled technology allowing users to get their personalized list of top 10 MBA programs in minutes. The keyword here is ‘personalized’, because the search does not produce the same list for everyone. The tool works with all the information you provided beforehand, breaks it down to more than 400 features, and pinpoints the programs that best correspond to your criteria. The best thing about this tool is that it uses machine learning technology. This means that it learns from every single person who uses it to improve and evolve constantly.


If you are still not impressed, prepare to have your mind blown away. Unimy has developed a Cultural Fit Test, based on a proprietary Cultural Fit Map, that tries to understand what life inside a specific school looks like. If you want to find out in which schools you would feel most at home, you just need to fill out a survey.

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It should be noted that the Cultural Fit Test does not rank schools. Kalin Yanev, head of Advent Group’s student marketing unit, says: “The AI matching would answer the question: ‘Which schools am I likely to apply to?’, or in other words ‘Which schools would I like, before applying?’ The Cultural Fit test, on the other hand, would answer the question ‘Which schools would I like, after spending considerable time as their student and being able to immerse myself in their culture?’”

Consult + Connect

Bleeding-edge technology is at the heart of Unimy, but the service also has human experts who are always ready to consult you and help you find the best MBA for you over chat, email, or phone. You can also connect with alumni and schools via webinars and get honest answers to your most pressing questions directly from the source.

Try out Unimy for MBA and Master’s now. Your search to find the best school for you is going to get radically better.



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