Unimy: The Next Big Thing in Business School Selection

Unimy: The Next Big Thing in Business School Selection

The creators of the platform, who have spent 15 years in the business education field, have designed the experience around six easy and intuitive steps. Each step contributes to the selection process that business school candidates go through, but also functions equally well as a stand-alone service. The array of available options makes it easy for users to tap into their preference for technology-based solutions vs. personal interaction and human know-how.

Start matching

One of the crown jewels of Unimy is certainly inspired and facilitated by technology. The tool appropriately called “Match” enables MBA aspirants to filter out the top 10 schools that best suit their professional background and study preferences. This is possible thanks to the platform’s artificial intelligence matching algorithm, which goes through more than 800 schools and 1,400 MBA programs to locate those that correspond to the selection criteria of each individual user. The personalized nature of the service saves valuable time and effort for business school aspirants who would otherwise have to find their way through the clutter of information available online.

The best part about the tool is how easily accessible and user-friendly it is. To generate their MBA program matches, candidates are first asked to complete their personal profile. The required information is brief but important. It refers to professional and academic experience and study preferences such as program format and location.

"We really tried to develop something useful and time-saving for MBA prospects, no matter where in the world they are located. Unimy’s matching tool is a step in the right direction for candidates looking for the school where they belong, but also for MBA programs interested in determined applicants with relevant qualifications",

says Kalin Yanev, Business Unit and Research Director at Advent Group, the organization behind Unimy.

More tools to choose from

After getting their MBA matches, users can continue their journey on the platform by opting for another unique feature which sheds more light on the way culture and values differ per school. Video content, alumni webinars, and consulting sessions with business education experts are also part of the package.

Ultimately, there is no better way to discover the full spectrum of possibilities in MBA selection available on the platform than signing up. All prospective business school aspirants are welcome to join and find the MBA that suits them best.



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