Business Schools for Entrepreneurs (Video)

Business Schools for Entrepreneurs (Video)


Watch this GMAC video in order to get a better idea of what opportunities business schools provide to aspiring entrepreneurs. Learn the most powerful tool to inspire and guide students who see their future as successful entrepreneurs.


MBA graduates from top universities claim that going to business school is an excellent choice for people who want to become successful entrepreneurs.

I have seen the world without an MBA, doing a business, and I have seen the world with an MBA and there is a huge difference!

says Atal Malviya, an MBA graduate from Ashridge Business School and currently CEO of Odimax Ltd.

Mark Spriggs, a director in the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship Opus College of Business, claims that teaching someone the skills to be a good entrepreneur is as achievable as teaching someone to be a good accountant or brand manager.

In this video, representatives of European, American and Asian business schools share how they develop the entrepreneurial skills of their students. They are confident that business schools can teach students how to successfully launch and develop their ideas. It doesn’t matter if their ideas are in the field of the sciences or the arts, as long as students have the skills to transform them into a commercially viable business. And this is what business schools do.

Fabric Cavarretta from the Management Department of ESSEC Business School explains:

Entrepreneurship is not a set of theories. It’s a question of attitude, of good feeling, a question of emotion. When real people come to the classroom and share this with students, they can better visualize what they will be when they become entrepreneurs themselves.


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