Should You Take GMAT or GRE? (Video)

Should You Take GMAT or GRE? (Video)


To take the GMAT or GRE is a more legitimate question now than it has ever been. About five years ago, candidates were not allowed to choose because business schools were accepting only the GMAT. Now, more than 800 business schools in 70 countries across the globe accept the GRE test as an alternative to the GMAT for MBA admissions.


In this video, Kevin Rocci from Magoosh dives into the question of which test to take and provides some guidance for making a decision.

Similarities and differences

In the verbal section, both tests have Reading Comprehension questions. The GMAT has Critical Reasoning questions, which are very similar to the GRE's Paragraph Argument questions. The main difference between the two tests' verbal sections comes down to vocabulary and grammar: the GMAT tests your ability to correct faulty grammar and style, whereas the GRE is focused on vocabulary. The GRE will test your ability to understand passages that use advanced vocabulary, as well as your ability to use advanced vocabulary correctly in a sentence.

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In terms of the quantitative sections, the GRE and GMAT test very similar concepts. Both tests have multiple choice maths questions. However, the GMAT quant questions are generally more difficult than the ones in the GRE. If you're strong in maths, then taking the GMAT is a good option!

Compare your scores

If you are just getting started and aren't sure which test to take, you may want to take both a GMAT and a GRE practice test and compare your scores. You can take a GRE practice test here, and a GMAT practice test here. To compare your GRE and GMAT scores, you can use this score conversion chart.

For even more information about the similarities and differences between the two tests, click here.


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