One Year vs. Two Year MBA – Pros & Cons (Video)

One Year vs. Two Year MBA – Pros & Cons (Video)


In this video Bhavik, a managing partner at Critical Square MBA Admissions, talks about the good and the bad sides of the one year and two year MBA degree.


If you’ve thought about getting an MBA, chances are you’ve considered all the different options possible – full time, part time, online, and so on. However, if you choose a full time programme, it often comes down to a one year versus a two year degree. Both have a lot to offer, but each has some distinct disadvantages that need to be considered.

In the last years the one-year MBA programme has gained a lot of attention in the US and around the world. The benefits of these programmes are very straightforward, the biggest one being that your bill is a lot smaller and in the end of the day, you still receive the same degree, whether you take a one or a two year programme. However, the one-year programme has a different focus. People pursuing it are usually there for career acceleration. It’s mostly suited for people with a business background and most business schools even require it.

A two year degree, on the other hand, is a more fun experience. Sure, you are still there to learn, but you also have time to make lifelong friendships and try new things. Perhaps the most important part of the two year degree, however, is the internship. If you want to switch careers, then this is the degree you want to go for. Especially if you’re trying to get into something like consulting or banking. If you want to go for a two year degree, however, you have to be ready to invest a lot more finances.


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