The Unimy Platform Personalizes the MBA School Ranking

The Unimy Platform Personalizes the MBA School Ranking

Starting from December 2023, the global MBA matching and connection platform Unimy takes business education rankings to a new level with the launch of the 360° MBA Ranking – the first ranking to put the candidate at the center of the MBA selection journey. The 360° MBA Ranking lets professionals choose the criteria that matter most to them when selecting an MBA program, thus making this a personalized resource for each candidate.

The 360° MBA Ranking is unique with its integration of Unimy’s proprietary Cultural Fit Index.

The global MBA matching platform Unimy was founded in 2018 with the purpose of helping MBA candidates find the business and management program that suits them best. Using Unimy’s novel tools developed in-house, professionals worldwide can personalize their business school search in a way that is not yet possible with existing MBA rankings. While current rankings specialize in offering a general view of business schools, they do not necessarily reflect the individual needs of each prospective applicant. Instead, Unimy’s 360° MBA Ranking and Cultural Fit Index provide a personalized resource backed up by a global study that examines learning environment, campus life, and organizational culture in business schools.

How does the Unimy ranking work?

In just a few short steps, the candidate gets their personal ranking of top 100 international business schools, using the following criteria to generate the results:

  1. Cultural Fit
  2. Career Outcomes
  3. Diversity
  4. Faculty
  5. High/Low Acceptance Rate

The Unimy 360° MBA Ranking takes existing data from two of the most prominent sources – the Financial Times MBA Rankings and US News Rankings. Then, Unimy combines the ranking results with its powerful Cultural Fit Index to present MBA candidates with a complete view of the most suitable business schools based on their chosen criteria.

Why is the Unimy Cultural Fit an important part of the 360° MBA Ranking?

Organizational culture has been studied for years when it comes to corporate and work environments. In this regard, universities and business schools have their own unique values, common practices, and norms of behavior, too, which is essentially what organizational culture stands for.

Some MBA applicants never understand the importance of finding a business program with the right cultural fit until they set foot on campus, which is a significant factor for one’s successful studies. How would a prospective MBA student be able to make the most of the quality of the teaching material or the networking events if they feel disconnected from, or even uncomfortable with, the school environment? For example, they may prefer building a friendly and relaxed relationship with the professors, but the accepted norm at the school might call for more formal relations. Or, some candidates may enjoy teamwork but the program curriculum might be oriented towards individual work and personal accomplishments.

As part of the 360° MBA Ranking, the candidate has the unique opportunity to gain a deeper and more personal insight into the business schools that best fit them culturally. This is possible by answering specially designed questionnaires, reflecting the culture fit with the schools.

Are you intrigued? Try this new interactive feature and get your own personalized 360° MBA Ranking now.


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