Business Values: Profit is Not Always the Point (Video)

Business Values: Profit is Not Always the Point (Video)


In this TED video Harish Manwani, chief operating officer of Unilever, non-executive chairman of Hindustan Unilever, and a director of Whirlpool Corporation, talks about capitalism and growth.


Creating social value

In his opinion the current model of growth is not good enough and we have to proceed to another model of growth – growth that is responsible. This new model of growth is very important according to Manwani for creating social value, not just economic value. He thinks that leaders should embrace that model and begin doing good not only for themselves and their companies but for their communities also. Manwani believes that companies should work for a much larger purpose than the products and brands that they sell. Values and purpose are going to be the two main factors that are going to create the companies of tomorrow, according to Harish Manwani.

MBA and Entrepreneurship (Video)

Harish Manwani

Monwani also talks about his own working experience. He joined Unilever in 1976 as a management trainee. He later became a member of the board and took on the responsibility of Personal Products business as director. He also took care of the business group in Central Asia and Middle East. He became Senior Vice President of Global Hair Care and Oral Care in 2001 and moved to the UK. The following year he was appointed President of Home and Personal Care of the Latin America division. He was also made Chairman of Unilever's Latin America Advisory Council.

Manwani graduated from Mumbai University and also obtained a Master's Degree in management studies at Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies. In 2008 he was named Asia Business Leader of the Year by CNBC Asia. In June 2011 he was appointed as the global COO for Unilever and on 31 December 2014 he retired after more than 38 years of service.

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