2014 Hiring Trends Suggest Increased Demand For MBAs

2014 Hiring Trends Suggest Increased Demand For MBAs

The numbers indicate that in 2014, more than 80 per cent of business schools recruiters intend to hire MBA graduates. The number is up 7 per cent from 2013.

The Corporate Recruiters Survey on 2014 hiring trends is conducted in partnership with MBA CSEA and EFMD, and 133 business schools worldwide. The survey draws conclusions from nearly 600 employers and 44 countries. Moreover, 32 companies of the top 100 in the Financial Times 500 are included.

Sangeet Chowfla, GMAC CEO and president characterizes the results from the survey as extremely positive since significant amount of companies worldwide plan to hire business school graduates. The hiring rates in 2014 are the highest since the Great Recession from 2009, when only 50 per cent of the recruiters indented to hire MBA graduates. Chowfla suggests that with the improvement of the economy, more employers begin to see MBA graduates as a good future investment.

This year’s survey paints a very positive picture for the business education sector and clearly shows how companies and recruiters value the whole portfolio of business degrees. Despite all of the doom and gloom, the clear message from the market is that business schools are providing the talented, bright individuals that companies need,

said Prof. Eric Cornuel, CEO & director general of EFMD.

Key aspects from the survey suggest:


  • 83% of employers in Asia-Pacific, 61% of European employers and 86% of US employers plan to hire MBA graduates in 2014. All numbers have increased since 2013.
  • 50% of employers worldwide intend to hire masters in management graduates. The number is still up from 2013.
  • 44% of the companies recruiters intend to hire masters of finance graduates. The number is up 5%  in comparison to 2013.
  • 74% of the employer plan to hire bachelor’s degree graduates
  • The average salaries offered to MBA graduates are US$95,000, US$69,000 and US$21,340 in, respectively, the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific. In comparison, the average salary for bachelor’s graduates in the US is US$51,000 and US$41,000 in Europe.

The main conclusion from the report suggests that a more stable economy calls for much higher employers’ demand for MBA graduates.

Source: MBA NEWS and 2014 Corporate Recruiters Survey report


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