How Talking to Experts and Alumni Can Help Your MBA Application

How Talking to Experts and Alumni Can Help Your MBA Application

Choosing which MBA programs to apply to is a complex process. You may be confused about the different ways of comparing programs, from rankings to Cultural Fit. Or, you may simply not know where to start with the admissions process. Sometimes, you may need personal guidance to make the best decision.


Consult an expert before submitting your MBA application

It may be helpful to know that an expert is available to help you when you are making important decisions about applying to business school.

The website Unimy, which uses an AI algorithm to match you with MBA programs that fit your preferences, also offers consultations with MBA experts. If you are new to the MBA selection process, you may have lots of questions that an advisor could help to resolve.

You can ask anything – for example, how to begin your MBA search, or what the pros and cons are of different programs you are considering. You can discuss your chances of getting into a particular school and whether you meet the application requirements.

Perhaps you have already decided on your list of MBA programs to apply to. At this point, you can use the consultation as a chance to get another opinion. Are you making the best decision for yourself? Are you on track to meet your goals for the future and fulfill your potential?

AI-powered tools are great – but sometimes, you may need to speak to a human. If you would like some advice or clarification, you can give Unimy’s consultation service a try. You can talk to an expert via live chat, a scheduled call, or email.

Ask alumni about their MBA experience

Perhaps you have already tried out Unimy’s Cultural Fit tool to find out which business schools fit your personality and values. Each school’s cultural profile gives you lots of information about the kind of environment you can expect there. But it is still useful to see the data come to life by hearing alumni’s first-hand experiences. What did they appreciate about going to a particular school? What was their path after graduation? What would they advise someone who is just starting out as an MBA candidate?

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If you are curious and would like to get honest answers from alumni, you may enjoy Unimy’s series of webinars about business schools around the world. Make use of this opportunity to ask all your questions. Here is the schedule of upcoming online alumni events.

With expert consultations and alumni discussions, in addition to Unimy’s other school selection tools, you will be well-prepared to find the perfect MBA for you.


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