40 Free Educational Websites

40 Free Educational Websites

According to webometrics, there are over 17,000 universities worldwide, but most of them require a significant investment of time and money. For that reason many people decide to skip university. Fortunately, the Internet provides people with alternative ways of education, and they have proven to be quite efficient.

There are tons of websites, offering free online courses covering almost any topic of interest.

Below, you can check out a list of 40 popular educational websites.

Alison – there are over 60 million courses with over 1.2 million visitors per month.

Coursera – MOOC, which collaborates with top universities worldwide, in order to be able to offer their online courses to its own users. At Coursera, you will find over 540 courses.

The University of Reddit – The free Reddit University.

UDACITY - UDACITY will accelerate your personal and career development by offering project-based online courses focused mainly on IT, computer science and Math.

MIT Open CourseWare - Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers a free access to tons of courses.

Open Culture - a website, which offers tons of free educational resources, including courses, textbooks and videos.

No Excuse List - a huge list of educational websites.

Open YALE Courses - provides a free access to a selection of introduction courses, hosted by leading professors and researchers from Yale University. All lectures have been recorded in auditoriums of Yale and are available in video, text or audio format.

Khan Academy –Here you can enjoy thousands of micro-lections in history, medicine, chemistry, computer science and many more.

Zooniverse – Offers a huge variety of interesting researches in science,  culture and nature.

TUFTS Open CourseWare - Tufts OpenCourseWare is a part of a new educational movement, initiated by MIT, which offers a free access to all kind of contents.

How Stuff Works? - There you can find more lessons and scientific explanations, than you could probably read in a year.

Harvard Medical School Open Courseware –Harvard Medical School Open Courseware Initiative’s mission is to exchange knowledge between the Harvard society and other scientific and academic institutions, prospective students, as well as the general public.

VideoLectures.NET – Title says it all – video lections on variety of topics.

TED - Motivational and educational talks by inspiring people from all over the world.

Udemy FREE Courses – hundreds of experts give lectures at Udemy every month, including the bestselling authors according to New York Times, executive directors, famous mentors and instructors. The courses include video lessons, live sessions and tools, which help the communication between the students and the teacher. There are a lot of free online courses, which can give you a good grasp of business, law, programming, design, science, photography, yoga and many more.

Maths & Science - Math and natural sciences courses, tests and educational resources for high school students.

edX.org - Free courses for interactive online education, provided by MIT, Harvard, Barkley, Georgetown, Boston University, University of Washington, Karolinska Institute, Kyoto University and more.

Drawspace - Hundreds of free drawing courses.

Codeacademy – an easy way to learn how to program.

Scitable - Free scientific library with personal educational tool.

My own business - Offers a free online course in business administration, which is quite useful for young managers.

Kutztown University's free courses - Kutztown University of Pennsylvania ‘s Small Business Development Center  offers more than 80 free online business courses. The courses are individualized.

Open Learn – gives free access to materials of Open University.

Free Computer Books - Free computer, math and technology books and lections.

Academic Earth - free video lections by top researchers from all over the world.

American Sign Language Browser – sign language course.

BBC Languages – Learn a new language on conversational level.

unplugthetv – Randomly selected educational videos for you to watch.

Lifehacker – advice and tricks to improve any aspect of your life.

JustinGuitar – Hundreds of free lessons in guitar, as well as basic music theory.

DuoLingo –Learn a new language for free, while you translate on the website.

Layers Magazine - Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, Premiere Pro, In Design and After Effects video tutorials.

Creative Flow –a list of over 950 Photoshop video tutorials, in order to maintain your knowledge on Adobe.


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